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Spot prone skin sussed

Spot prone skin sussed

It can be a constant battle to keep skin clear if it's spot-prone, but with some simple adjustments you can have a complexion which you'll want to show off.

One key thing you need to do is wash your face twice daily, first thing in the morning and last thing at night once you've taken your make-up off. Every day your skin encounters different chemicals and dirt so you should make sure any lingering particles disappear down the plug hole before they get clogged in your pores.  

Jo Chidley, flounder of Beauty Kitchen, notes that you need to be careful about what you use as some ingredients will make you more vulnerable to blemishes.

 "[The most common mistakes people make when dealing with spots are] cleansing too much and with the wrong products, e.g. soap, mineral oil based products," she told Cover Media.

If you cleanse too much, the outer protective layer of your skin can be stripped. Meanwhile soap has a high pH level, leaving your skin dry and triggering your oil production to soar through the roof - the ideal environment for breakouts.

But you don't have to worry about changing your moisturising habits, as Jo insists the key to keeping your skin clear is sticking to your usual routine.

She also recommends using facial oil.

"This may seem counter intuitive, however the oil will balance your skin not make it more oily," she added.

Other tips the skincare expert shared include adding honey to the spot at night time and exfoliating lightly once or twice a week. Any more than that will make your skin sensitive - you only want to gently rub off the outer layer.

As well as sticking to your moisturising routine, it's important you keep your diet consistent as well as healthy. Processed foods aren't good for your waistline, so what makes you think they'll help your skin? Tuck into plenty of fruit and veg, as they're packed in vitamins and minerals, and add a good amount of water alongside your food.

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