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Soften up your skin

Soften up your skin

The path to silky soft skin isn’t a difficult one; it all depends on what products and tools you use.

One of the best, and most important, utensils to achieve the desired finish is a brush. Whether it’s your face or body, a brush is the perfect way to remove dead skin and unveil the new cells underneath, gleaming and smooth! Clarisonic is famous for its rotating face gadgets and they’re super easy to use; simply pop your favourite wash on the bristles and apply to wet skin, moving it around as the brush rotates. Also on the list is Olay Regenerist 3 Point Super Cleansing System, which comes with a small tube of anti-ageing cleanser to get you started.

As for the body brushes, look no further than The Body Shop and its options, from the Bath Brush to the Cactus Long Handle Brush. Or there’s the Earth Therapeutics Body Brush, a reliable, eco-friendly tool that also meets the vegetarian standard – not bad!

Alternatively, using an exfoliator is another way to trigger new skin cells to grow and give you a soft appearance. Using a brush or exfoliator once a week, preferably towards the end when you can wash work and commuting away, is key for smooth skin.

Once out the shower make sure you apply moisturiser all over, like the Palmers Cocoa Body Butter or Jennifer Aniston’s fav, Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion, to keep your body’s surface nourished. Applying when the skin is slightly wet will ensure the cream is absorbed as the remaining water dries, giving the skin’s surface a gleaming glow. The same goes for your facial moisturiser – don’t forget to put it on!

A final layer of oil will lock in the moisturiser, as contrary to popular belief oils don’t actually provide nourishment. They do, however, retain moisture, which is why they work better at the end of your regime. Give Garnier Body Ultimate Beauty Skin Perfector Oil or Liz Earle Superskin Treatment Oil for Body a whirl.

Finally, nothing compares to a healthy amount of water every day; your skin will never be soft if you don’t look after what you put into your body!

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