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Soft focus lip tricks

Soft focus lip tricks

For truly kissable lips you need to master the soft focus effect.

The new trend surfacing for our mouths has a blurred, romantic feel. With spring in the air, severe lines are out and we are embracing a more ethereal look. However, our pouts don’t need to look pale and uninteresting to nail this trend, you can still create a statement with a slick of colour. Rich wines and vibrant plums work a treat for smudged smiles and some make-up artists have referred to it as a ‘just gorged on berries’ look.

“A perfectly made natural make-up look with soft focus lips can look so beautiful if done correctly,” make-up artist Carleen Gordon told Cover Media. “It’s almost like an ‘I’ve-just-bitten-my-lip-in-a-seductive-manner’ look.”

Although the colour needs to appear softly applied, you still want some staying power. Lipliner is essential to making sure the shade remains in place all day – or night.

“Believe it or not, lipliner should still be used to increase staying power under the lipstick,” Carleen explained. “Apply a little concealer to lightly moisturised lips, concentrate your chosen lipliner colour on the middle of the lip and then go over with the same coloured lipstick, then blot with tissue.”

To really master the soft focus look, try using a cotton wool tip dipped in translucent powder to erase the edge of your lipstick. Gently work around the outside of your mouth to create a blurred effect.

Ensure the rest of your make-up is kept simple to let your hazy lips really stand out. A hint of blush on the cheeks and a slick of mascara is all you need to add. Your complexion should look flawless and almost glossy, so grab an illuminator and highlight your cheek and brow bones for a real flower fairy feel.

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