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Skincare expert Michelle Doherty celebrates milestone

Skincare expert Michelle Doherty celebrates milestone

Everyone has their favourite skincare products and unique rituals they go through in the quest for glowing skin. For many women and men all over the world their brand of choice is Alpha-H, a skincare company that started life in Australia with not much money behind it in 1995. Fast forward 21 years and the company is now a favourite of beauty lovers and professionals alike.

“When we moved to Australia from New Zealand 21 years ago, the heartbreak we felt and the unknowing minefield that we were stepping onto when we arrived in Australia,” Michelle told Cover Media of her and husband Dean’s journey into the unknown. “We got to the carousel with our bags, and that’s all we had and very few dollars in the bank. But we had a dream of reaching out to people. Honestly we just had nothing in the bank and it was because we believed in what we were doing, and we believed in the life changing experience that fell into my lap that set us on this journey. We’ve faced some pretty big ups and downs but because of everyone’s belief in us we now are in a position where we can thank you all and really continue to grow as a brand and make meaningful choices as a professional company for all of the people we get to touch in their lives.”

One of Alpha-H’s most iconic products is Liquid Gold, an overnight treatment that stimulates cellular activity and reveals healthy new skin cells that are otherwise buried beneath dead cells.

Prior to becoming an established and trusted brand it was down to Michelle to really sell her products. In a touching tribute to her family, the skincare expert has thanked those closest to her for helping make her vision a reality.

“Without Dean and our three beautiful daughters this wouldn’t have been possible either, because someone often had to stay at home and be the back bone of the business when I was out hoity-toitying around,” she smiled.

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