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Skin secrets from the experts

Skin secrets from the experts

Wouldn't it be great to know just what secrets make-up artists rely on to make their clients' skin look fresh and radiant? After all, they probably have a veritable encyclopaedia full of ways to make people look their best.

Luckily, we've got a few of speed dial so posed this very question. But don't go expecting quick fixes, as if one thing stands out it's that preparation is vital.

"Most of the big celebrities get their skin prepped and ready weeks in advance before the Baftas Oscars or big night...  drinking water, eating healthily and having facials in advance, so you need to take the same approach for your skin daily," make-up artist Julia Carta explained to Cover Media.

This means drinking a lot of H20 to keep your skin hydrated and having regular facials. As some can make spots or blemishes more apparent, Julia advises booking in for a treatment about two weeks before your event rather than too close to it.

She also suggests using masks at home and is a particular fan of the Casmara Beauty Plan Collection Hydra Algae Peel Off Masks. There are four versions and they all deliver anti-ageing benefits while helping the appearance of dry skin, fine lines and wrinkles.

"The masks are perfect for giving complexions a one-hit intensive treat before a night out or special occasion," Julia explained.

This is a tip which is also high on The Beauty Academy's Sharon Mayes' list. To show what she means Sharon suggested people consider "painting a wall that hasn’t been properly prepared" - it will never look as good as it could.

"An insider tip is to use a face mask just before you apply your make-up for a big event – Glamglow is a fantastic mask that doubles up as a scrub and is used in Hollywood to prepare celebrities skin before going on set," she explained.

Once you've removed the mask use a serum to help the texture of your skin and then a light moisturiser to aid hydration - make-up artist Maria Papadopoulou suggests products by Jurlique and Dr. Lipp. Primer is also key.

For an airbrushed finish, Sharon always used a foundation brush for her base.

As far as cosmetics go, Maria recommended a couple of products which never leave her kit because they help skin look so radiant.

"A tinted moisturiser instead of foundation, such as NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer SPF30, with a bit of concealer for the under eye area and any imperfections; ELLIS FAAS Concealer is light in texture with great coverage," she advised.

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