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Shower power

Shower power

There's a never ending stream (every pun intended) of new products designed to make shampooing more glamorous and washing more luxurious. But only a few brands seem to understand the need for in shower products that will make our busy lives easier. From tanning to moisturising, your shower can be the one stop shop for numerous beauty needs.

Sun protection

It's not big and it's not clever to be out in the sun without protection on, and your skin will not thank you for it. Aside from vanity reasons, like age spots and wrinkles, wearing no sunscreen puts you in harm's way when it comes to skin cancer. Sun care brands have made it easier than ever before to apply the white stuff, with sprays and all day protection on offer. But Lush has gone one step further and come up with The Sunblock; a block of SPF 30 moonlighting as a bar of soap. Simply wash over yourself in the shower and voilà. It has three grooves in it, which cleverly show you how much sunscreen you need for your entire body. One section = one application!

After sun

Now you (safely) have that golden glow, it's time to look after it. Soltan has formulated an in shower after sun with cucumber and aloe vera, to help cool and soothe sun-exposed skin. Simply lather on and rinse off in the shower and feel how the lotion adds much needed moisture back to your body.

Fake tan

With recent shop figures showing the sale of fake tan products have soared, the trend for having a year round glow shows no sign of going away. While many brands are working to combat the biscuity smell and lengthy drying time, the king of fake tan has trumped them all. St. Tropez's In Shower Gradual Tan takes just three minutes to sink in, then you wash away the smell instantly. The gradual nature of the lotion also means it's a winner for those who like a light glow, as well as devoted tan fans.


Pre-fake tanning or real tanning, moisturising is a vital part of your body's skincare routine. And what better way to hydrate your skin then in the shower? Like with fake tan, moisturising can be a labour intensive process where you have to wait ages for it to sink in. But Nivea have come up with a whole range of creams that do the job in the shower. From nourishing cocoa to a honey variety, the skincare giant has this covered. Nivea Q10 even launched an in shower firming wash. Five years in the making, this little gem boasts massage beads that melt into the skin leaving it feeling tightened and cool.

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