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Should you be conditioning before you shampoo?

Should you be conditioning before you shampoo?

Regardless of what brand you use, most of us follow the same hair washing regime. That is, shampooing (rinse, lather, rinse) followed by a conditioner for softness. But many haircare brands are now rolling out products that require the complete opposite – also known as the reverse washing system. So should you switch up your routine and condition first? Hairstylist Neil Barton says reverse washing is a good way to add nourishment to hair without weighing it down and it also primes the hair before blow drying. Those with fine or greasy hair types, or hair that get tends to get weighed down by product, may particularly benefit from swapping their bottle order, as it ensures that there is no conditioner residue left on the hair.

“The technique makes your hair look bouncy and full, therefore, it is great for thin hair as it adds volume to the hair,” Neil told Cover Media. “Especially those who want that glamorous, bouncy blow-dried look before a night out!”

Those with highlighted hair, or waves which tangle easily, are prime candidates for pre-shampoo conditioning. With this regime, you can put conditioner all over the hair, as you would a shampoo, and leave on for a few minutes before washing out. Even those whose hair tends to get greasy can put conditioner on the roots, as you’ll be cleansing the hair afterwards anyway. Accordingly, when it comes to reverse washing, Neil is a big fan of Goldwell’s Dualsenses Rich Repair range, and the cream shampoo and conditioner in particular. “Using these products can dramatically improve your hair and make it look less damaged, while also instantly providing smoothness, shine, elasticity and suppleness to the hair - everything that your hair needs,” he explained.

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