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Schools out for hair this summer

Schools out for hair this summer

Thought you’d left your pigtails on the playground? You’re cute braids in the classroom? Think again! This summer is all about kitsch hairstyles favoured by those still attending high school.

The professional hair experts at Fudge have given us the lowdown on four of the hottest looks to try out this season, from the double top knot to a mermaid chignon. And to make the hairstyles just that little bit cuter, they suggest incorporating a rainbow of wash of pastel hair colours.

Mermaid Chignon

“This is totally mesmerising, and the quick up-do is perfect for all summer antics,” the Fudge pros told Cover Media. “Spray hair all over with Fudge Urban Hair Art in Violet Haze. Leaving the front section of hair out, create a twisted low bun. Take the front section and smoothly brush towards the back of head, and wrap hair clockwise around the bun. Secure with grips and hairspray.” Colour Xtreme in purple works well too.

Oceana Double Dutch

This look takes its name from the deep blue colour sprayed on at the end. Very Kylie Jenner.

Middle part hair, then Dutch braid both sections from front of head to nape of neck and secure using small elastic bands. Cover exposed roots with Fudge Urban Hair Art in Turquoise Noise or ColourFX’s Bizzare Blue. For a brighter colour, hold the can closer to your hair when you spray. Similarly, use from further away for a paler shade.

Double Top Knot

"Prep hair with styling mousse to create volume and grip. Part hair and take two sections per half and create a rope braid by twisting them together. Spray over with hairspray to tame flyaways then twist the rope braid around the elastic and secure the top-knots in place with hair grips,” the experts explained.

Pretty in Pink

For a real pastel punch, spray hair with Fudge Urban Hair Art in Pink. Create a deep side part and French braid close to the hairline. At the end, tuck hair under the braid and secure with hair grips. Spray a texture product all over and massage roots to loosen strands and create a messy lived-in feel. Label.m’s award-winning Powder Pink Spray and Claire’s Pastel Pink Hair Colour spray are other great options to help get your pink on.

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