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Scent-sational perfumes for your hair

Scent-sational perfumes for your hair

A spritz of perfume is usually one of the final touches to making an ensemble complete. But instead of spraying it on your wrists, why not gently mist over your hair? In fact, there are a host of specific hair perfumes on the market to help your locks smell absolutely luscious. Perfume also tends to linger for longer in the hair, meaning you will continue to smell fantastic throughout the day.

Chanel No. 5 is a beauty staple for women all over the world. But as well as their standard eau de parfum and eau de toilette, they also have a Hair Mist – which does exactly what it says on the tin! It’s not cheap, but if you are a fan of the No. 5 smell then it’s worth splashing out on.

Hawaiian Tropic have recently launched their Paradise Collection Fragrance Mists. These come in four different scents, and the mist is so light and fine, it’s perfect for spritzing on your hair without making it greasy. Our favourite is Golden Paradise… with hints of coconut and golden sands it’s literally like summer in a bottle. It also won’t break the bank, so why not splash out on all four and keep mixing things up with your scent?

Herra is one of the leading manufacturers of hair perfume, and sell products that protect your tresses as well as making them smell divine. As well as hydrating hair throughout the day, they offer five different fragrances, meaning there will always be one to suit your mood. For the summer months, give Scarlet Rose a go - rose, peony, jasmine, magnolia and sweet pea combined with raspberry, apple, peach, lemon, lime and orange alongside base notes of musk, sandalwood and amber. It makes for a truly scent-sational product.

The name Aqua Citra might be synonymous with the Seventies but its smell is timeless. It’s a gorgeous citrusy smell, as the name suggests, meaning it's the perfect scent to spritz on your barnet this summer.

Celebrity perfume makers have also got in on the hair perfume trend, with Nicki Minaj recently launching her Minajesty Hair Mist. It’s a perfect size to pop in your handbag to spritz your locks throughout the day, and boasts a sultry scent with a combination of floral and fruity notes with vanilla and musk notes underneath. And of course, who wouldn’t want to smell like Nicki Minaj!

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