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Say goodbye to cellulite

Say goodbye to cellulite

Cellulite - also referred to as orange peel or cottage cheese - can really knock a girl's self-confidence. The persistent subcutaneous fat, often found around hips and thighs, causes dimpling of the skin and can stop women from wearing certain clothes at fear of revealing it. Anything from a bad diet or smoking can trigger it forming, so don't ever assume you're immune to it!

It can be worked on though and while it may not disappear entirely, you can lessen the appearance of cellulite with at-home methods.

Dry Brushing

That's right, simply brushing the area of skin can help reduce cellulite and although this way isn't backed by science, it is known to help improve blood circulation, thus smoothing out dimples.

Using a dry brush on dry skin, move the bristles/teeth left to right across your entire body, giving extra attention to the target area. Around five minutes should do the trick - just hop in the shower afterwards to wash off any dead skin cells that may be left. Continue to do this until you notice a difference.

Coffee scrub

It may not smell fresh and fruity, but a coffee scrub is an effective way of tackling cellulite. Mixing coarse coffee grounds with sugar and melted coconut oil, a moisturising product to help make the scrub easy to use, massage the mixture into the area. Use a firm touch, and move in circular motions for a few minutes. Rinse off with lukewarm water and, as mentioned above, continue this treatment until you see a transformation.

Cayenne pepper drink

No, this isn't the most appetising beverage, but with cayenne pepper's fat-burning qualities you may want to listen up. It increases blood circulation, boosts your metabolism and heats your body up, all aiding with the body shedding bad skin cells and replacing with stronger ones. It's a natural toxin fighter too, so add this ingredient to your meals whenever and wherever you can. To go full on, mix cayenne pepper powder with some fresh grated ginger and add freshly-squeezed lemon juice and warm water, mixing well. Drink once or twice a day, depending on how you stomach it, for a detox from the inside out.

Fill up on water

Keeping hydrated is key as if your body lacks water, it won't be able to break down cellulite. Drinking plenty of H20 will ensure toxins are flushed out when the cellulite is broken down, so don't hold back on filling up that glass or bottle of yours.

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