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S/S15 trend tips

S/S15 trend tips

You may want your beauty look to be up to date this season, but the chances are you'd like to save your money as much as possible too. Buying new products can be fun, but no one wants draws full of flouro liner or white nail polish that's used once and then dumped.

That's where expert tips come in, because who better to advise on the beauty must-haves which won't get old too soon? Here we have some suggestions on S/S15 options which will have you looking way ahead of the crowd, and so won't sit around gathering dust.

"Grey or red nail polish (OPI launched a whole range of around 50 shades) or tropical colours such as blue or yellow," The Beauty Academy’s Sharon Mayes advised Cover Media.

"Dewy foundation is also hot this season, as that ties in with the ‘barely there’ make-up trend. Drop the powder and spray the foundation with a make-up fixer or mineral spray to create that dewy finish."

In fact, good skin was top of the list with most of our gurus. And while everyone would love to find that prized product which delivers perfect, radiant skin in one swish, unfortunately it's more about maintenance.

Drinking water should be top of your to-do list, and if your skin can take it - i.e. isn't too sensitive - exfoliating twice a week will leave you with the perfect base for the barely-there look.

"Regular facials like the Red Carpet Beautylab London facials will keep your skin in tip top condition and it's a facial a lot of my celebrity clients are having," make-up artist Julia Carta explained. "Orange over the top tans are out of date, a sunkissed glow is definitely on trend. I suggest opting for a gradual tan like the TanTruth Daily Gradual Self Tan from Salon Services for a moisturiser with a hint of colour."  

Follow those tips and hopefully you won't need much base at all, which fits in with international make-up artist Maria Papadopoulou's advice. She has the purse-friendly approach of ditching new products altogether if you want to be a forward-thinking beauty buyer.

"Keep using minimum bronzer if not at all," she said. "If focusing on the eyes, maybe ease off the foundation, perhaps just use a bit of concealer where required."

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