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Revive your eyeliner

Revive your eyeliner

You probably use eyeliner every day but do you ever really deviate much from the standard cats-eye flick? It's easy to get stuck in a tried and tested make-up rut, but this is for those beauty queens keen to try something new. We've taken a look at all the hottest trends from the Autumn/Winter 15 catwalk and reveal how to bring them home.


Karl Lagerfeld and his team did not hold back with the eyeliner on the Autumn/Winter 15 runway. Cara Delevingne can pull anything off - even the panda eye! This look isn't for the faint hearted but makes a super dramatic impact. If you want to tone it down a little, cover just the lid and don't go up to the brow bone, but don't forget to use a jet-black pencil on your eyebrows too.

Thierry Mugler

Karlie Kloss was among the Mugler models rocking hovering eyeliner on the Autumn/Winter 15 catwalk. Rather than following the lash line, this sits just above it, still flicking out like the traditional cat's eye. It's simple yet effective, giving a stunning graphic effect. We like it best paired with a nude lip.


The label got arty with its models for Autumn/Winter 15, using eyeliner to create lots of detached lines across the upper lid. They were heavier on the inner and outer corners, leaving a small gap in the middle. Follow the shape of a traditional winged look, but create it by using lots of overlapping little dashes.

Anthony Vaccarello

The designer also got graphic for the colder season, with models rocking a downward-pointing triangle on the lower outer corner of their eyes. Why not deviate from the traditional black liquid liner for this look? We think midnight blue or fluorescent pink make a great impact.

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