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Quilted eye make-up

Quilted eye make-up

Smoky eyes step aside - there's a new make-up look on the street thanks to Chanel channelling its quilted bags on the runway during its recent Autumn/Winter 16 show. Onlookers were bowled over by the beauty statement in Paris earlier this month (Mar16), so we've decided to break down the steps for you to recreate it at home.

The key may sit in your kitchen; plastic mesh produce bags that hold the likes of oranges are perfect for this finish, or anything similar you can get your hands on (even fishnet tights if need be!).

Once you've applied a light basecoat to your eyelids and you're ready for a coating, cut a piece of the material that's the same size as the space between your lashes and eyebrow. Then, hold it taut against your skin and simply dust on loose eyeshadow with a small, fluffy brush.

When you remove the netting you should see a quilted finish exactly the same as seen on the Chanel catwalk - and we recommend you keep the rest of your make-up stripped back like the fashion house did.

Shun eyeliner and apply some lengthening mascara to both your upper and lower lash line, as anything more will draw attention away from the pattern. Finish with a slick of nude or pale lip colour, make sure your brows are in good form and you're all set.

You don't have to stop at your eyes for this cool print; lips are another great place to apply it. Use a moisturising base that will allow eyeshadow to stick, as lip products won't give the same intricate finish as a powder. Brush on a contrasting shade to the background, or a lighter/darker shade than what you've used, to get the best results.

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