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Preserve curls overnight

Preserve curls overnight

If you put a lot of time and effort into getting gorgeous curls, you shouldn't have to put up with losing them after a long night's sleep. Keep your ringlets looking full 24/7 with these nifty tips.

Bun it up

You don't want your hair to be too soft before you go to sleep, so we suggest using leave-in conditioner after you wash it. Scrunch your locks into curls, flip your head upside down and secure it into a loose bun, keeping the curls bunched. Twist your bun into place rather than folding to avoid dents. As your hair is still wet when you put it up, it will dry into the right style.

Braid it

Curls will be given even more oomph if you braid them. The tighter you do the plaits when your curls are damp, the neater they'll be when you wake up. This style will also stop your locks from breaking and frizzing while you sleep, just make sure you spritz a little non-sticky, non-stiff hairspray over the plaits before you rest your head. Simply release in the morning and behold the curls.

Twist it

Braids aren't the easiest to do, therefore an easy twist is a good option for anyone who doesn't want to attempt them. Take small sections of hair, divide them into two and, like the name suggests, twist them around each other from the roots to the tips. Using thin bands, tie at the end, or often when slightly damp they may just stay in place themselves overnight.

Satin or silk pillowcase

This is a great choice for those who aren't confident in doing any more than pressing curls into place. Cotton will rub against your hair, dispersing ringlets and draining the moisture from them. Silk and satin are smooth fabrics that will not only keep you cool at night, meaning no sweat disrupting your tresses, but it will also keep strands fresh and moisturised.

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