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Prep your nails for a perfect manicure

Prep your nails for a perfect manicure

You’ve spent what feels like hours carefully applying polish to give yourself a gorgeous looking manicure before all your hard work is ruined in seconds when your varnish chips. Sound familiar? Even with painstaking application and the best nail varnishes around, chips and knocks are bound to happen. However, if you prep your nails correctly before giving yourself an at-home manicure, the results could last a lot longer.

First of all, make sure you file and shape your nails before applying any kind of base coat or varnish. Go for a standard emery board, a glass nail file or give Scholl’s new Velvet Smooth Electronic Nail Care System a go. This 3-in-1 device is a one-stop product which can allow you to file, buff and shine your nails, and is perfect for using at home as well as while travelling.

Then it’s time to tend to your cuticles. Never anyone’s favourite part of a manicure, but vital for getting a professional finish. You can use a cuticle remover if you wish, but the most important thing is to soften your cuticles before trimming them. Nail technicians worldwide use Dr.PAWPAW’s Original Balm. It’s the only British made product of its kind, and contains a mixture of ingredients including fermented papaya, olive oil and Aloe Vera oil – perfect for softening things up pre manicure. Leave the balm on for 10 minutes or so and then gently trim the cuticles with some cuticle scissors – Elegant Touch’s Professional Cuticle Nipper is a good choice.

After you’ve got the nail and cuticle shape you desire, use nail varnish remover to get rid of every last trace of polish on your talons. Residual polish is one of the major ways a manicure can be ruined. Try and use an acetone free nail varnish remover if you can, as acetone can be harmful to nails – causing them to become dry and brittle – and it’s not very kind for skin either. If an acetone free remover doesn’t get rid of all your varnish, fear not – Ciate’s Base Balance toner is here to help.

“The key to a longer lasting manicure is in the prep, I always recommend ensuring nails are totally clean of any residue or excess oil before starting a mani to maximise on longevity,” Ciate’s founder Charlotte Knight explained to Cover Media. “Ensure nails are cleansed with polish remover, then simply swipe nails with our Base Balance toner to ensure a clean base.”

Charlotte adds that Ciate’s Knight In Shining Armour overnight treatment is a good way to prep nails pre-mani, as “ensuring nails are healthy and flake-free will also ensure a longer lasting, chip free finish".

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