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Prep + Prime + Preserve = skincare perfection

Prep + Prime + Preserve = skincare perfection

Party perfect skin is more than just a great foundation and some serious strobing skills; it's also about glowing from the inside out. Lots of water and a diet packed full of vitamins and minerals will go a long way in achieving this, but so does a proper skincare regime. Adding certain products to your make-up routine will also give your face that extra wow factor, so let Sally Penford from the International Dermal Institute tell you a little more, starting with stage one - preparation.

"Prep: A leave-on exfoliant will help to smooth the skin and give it a healthy glow," she told Cover Media. "You need a hydroxy acid base with skin brighteners such as Rice Extract, ideally in a delivery system that provides a premeasured dose, so no over exfoliation takes place. Remove with a gentle cleansing mitt for smooth skin that glows."

Your face is now a blank canvas, ready to be made into a work of art - but don't forget to start with a primer. This beauty wonder has only become a commercial hit in recent years, but has long been used by the professionals. Sally warns you should keep your eyes peeled for the wrong ingredients when selecting your primer of choice.

"Prime: Primers are used to smooth out the surface of the skin and help extend the wear of make-up," she explained. "Unfortunately many primers on the market contain comedogenic waxes and fillers that can lead to congestion, skin irritation and even sensitivity. Ensure your recommended primer is skin friendly, or even better, provides skin benefits. Look for non comedogenic smoothing agents such as Silica and natural skin luminosity providers like Hydrolyzed Pearl Powder."

The last P from Sally is preserve, which means keeping your skin in tip-top condition. Make sure all cosmetics are wiped away before you hit your pillow, and take the time to toner up.

"Preserve: A toning mist can help keep the skin moist (as long as it’s alcohol free) and improve the appearance of skin texture," Sally revealed. "I like a toner that has a flash firming property for added benefit, key ingredients being Bamboo and Pea Extract. A hydrating toner can also be spritzed over make-up to give a dewy effect."

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