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Plane beauty rules

Plane beauty rules

Before you jet off on your much-anticipated summer holiday, make sure you follow our essential beauty travel rules.

It’s the trip you’ve been waiting for all year, the chance to leave your normal routine behind and soak up some sunshine. However, getting to your dream destination can take its toll on your body, especially your skin. To ensure you arrive looking and feeling your best, Jill Zander – founder of Jill Zander Skin Rejuvenation Clinic - has shared her top tips for plane travel.

Before you even step aboard your flight, make sure your body has been prepped for warm weather – particularly if you haven’t seen much sunlight recently.

“The day before your holiday indulge in a body scrub and self-tan application,” the skincare expert told Cover Media.  “Book a Guinot Hydradermie Facial to deeply moisturise – the effects last two to three weeks. Remember to drink plenty of water to hydrate from within.”

If you are booked onto an afternoon or evening flight, take a few minutes in the morning to apply a nourishing face treatment. This will help to protect your complexion from sun exposure while you laze around on the beach or by the pool.

“On the day of the flight apply a moisturising face mask and eye mask,” Jill advised. “After removal, apply an antioxidant serum to fight free radicals and protect your skin from UVC – a dangerous ray filtered out by the ozone at high altitude.”

So your bags are packed, you’re all checked in and settled in your seat. While you may be full of holiday spirit, don’t get too carried away when ordering a drink. Your skin won’t thank you for overindulging in caffeine or alcohol; instead stay hydrated with plenty of H20.

“Don’t rely on the small cups of inflight water as this is not enough to contend with the plane’s dry air and this is what makes skin feel dehydrated,” Jill explained. “Drink at least a litre of water for every six hours of flying.

“Spritzing your face with a water mist spray is another great way to keep skin hydrated in the arid cabin air. Seal in the moisture by applying a hydrating serum mid-flight.”

Finally, don’t check all your sun cream in with your luggage; keep a small bottle with you for the flight too. Your skin is still at risk of sun damage even inside the plane, so stay safe and slap on some lotion.

“SPF is a must on the plane, as when flying at high altitudes you are closer to the sun’s harmful rays, especially so if you’re in a window seat,” Jill warned. “Reapply if your flight is longer than two hours.”

Keep make-up to a minimum during your journey to prevent skin from drying out any more than necessary. Tinted moisturiser with SPF, a sweep of bronzer along the cheekbones and a slick of tinted lip balm is all you need as you take to the skies. Bon voyage!

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