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Pioneering products

Pioneering products

As beauty fiends we're used to the latest product coming out that will blow our minds, but then fails to deliver. Multi-tasking products have become a staple in our make-up bag, and while we appreciate the time saving, we're no longer exited by them. So if you're after something new and clever, look no further then these pioneering products.

Cream and serum formula

Neomist boasts the very first cream/serum mix on the market, with this face formula designed for both young and mature skin. Created by pharmacist Christian Sarbach, Neomist establishes a new category in skin care. By combining cream, where you get the concentration of active ingredients with a rapidly penetrating serum, the results are fast acting and time saving.

"It penetrates immediately and it delivers inside the oily actives," Christian told Cover Media.

It's also non-pore blocking and delivers an instant hit of moisture which makes it ideal for all skin ages.

"Wear this in the morning under make-up. Older skin will benefit from using it twice, but younger skins can get away with just once a day," Christian advised.

The exciting new formula was actually stumbled on accidently, with Christian intending to create something for pharmaceutical or medical purposes.

"It wasn't exactly intentional," he smiled. "But we've worked many, many years on this to allow it to be stable, because water and oil is not stable."

The power of daylight

This month Filorga is launching its Skin-Absolute Day, a formula that harnesses the benefits of natural daylight to rejuvenate skin. The anti-ageing formula is made with enzymes that capture damaging UV and IR radiation, while also allowing the goodness that comes from daylight to penetrate. The addition of detoxifying dandelion extract counteracts the effects of pollution and soft focus agents will leave skin looking radiant. Lines, wrinkles and sagging skin have all been shown to reduce during trials for the cream.

Cream to oil

Not everyone is a devotee of a night time face oil, and the thought of adding more oil to the face can be confusing - will it not make my oily face more oily?! Well in fact oils work to balance out your skin's oil content meaning skin doesn't need to pump out excess sebum. However if you're still unsure try Darphin 8-Flower Nectar Oil Cream, which is a cream that gradually becomes an oil while you sleep. Wake up with the benefits of an oil but the application of a cream!

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