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Pick up your perm knowledge

Pick up your perm knowledge

When you think of a perm, we bet you imagine a head full of curly hair. We don't blame you, as the classic hair treatment has gone down in history for making people look like a poodle - but things have changed over the years.

Jo O’Neill, International Technical Education Director for TONI&GUY, recalls how the 'do used to be.

“In the past, perms were renowned for adding volume and curl to the hair," she told Cover Media.

But it's definitely developed, as Jo points out perms are used more and more nowadays to create "soft texture and movement".

Celebrity hairstylist Phil Smith, the man behind Phil Smith Be Gorgeous hair care, is also aware of how much of a comeback perms have made and they're no longer seen as a blast from the past. He agrees with Jo, and thinks the style is a great way to add volume and movement to your tresses.

There isn’t just one perm option any more either – the style is entirely customisable depending on the finish you want.

"Out of all the new methods, the body perm is seeming quite popular," he explained. "Perms are perfect for people with thin or flat hair, who are looking for more body. Curls will be larger on women with hair that is naturally straight."

Long hair is also perfect for a perm, Jo notes, as roots are kept relatively flat and movement is given to the ends.

Shoulder length hair is fine to perm too, and the curls are a great way to soften features for those with a square face, Phil adds.

Now the summer is here it's a great time to experiment with a perm if you're keen to test out some luscious loops.

"They are also very popular when creating a festival, summer or boho look to add beautiful texture and waves through the ends of the hair," Jo said, adding that malleable tools to give the stylist control over how big, small, loose or tight the curls will be are a must.

Remember these words of advice from Phil before you undergo a perm though, as he recommends: "It is important not to wash your hair for at least 24 hours after you’ve had your perm, as chemicals used in the perming process need time to take hold."

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