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Pick the right cut for your face shape

Pick the right cut for your face shape

A haircut can really change the shape of a face and with your locks acting as an optical illusion, anything is possible with the right style.

Darren Ambrose, of D&J Ambrose, has listed some great ideas on how to flatter your face.

"It’s so important to look at your face shape to ensure the perfect cut. Bobs are one of the hottest and most versatile cuts right now and there really is a bob that will suit every face shape - just ask your stylist, they will advise on what bob shape will suit you," he told Cover Media.

"The bob is perfect on heart shaped or ovals, generally slimmer, finer boned features. On a rounder face I would say everything needs to be cut on the bias – a low side parting with hair sweeping across cuts the face shape in half and hits the cheekbone, slimming down and accentuating the bone structure."

So if you have oval features and want to add more definition, don't go for straight, blunt cuts. As Darren suggests, opt for a more relaxed finish that will add length rather than width.

Fancy a longer 'do? Collar-length styles generally suit all face shapes, the stylist shares. However, if you're feeling wary about elongating your face with hair below the jaw line, Darren suggests keeping your tresses shorter.

What about fringes?

"Longer fringes suit oval and heart shapes," he added. "If the face is square with a strong jaw line, steer clear of boxy blunt fringes; the boho luxe shattered longer fringe is for you."

As mentioned above, round faces suit asymmetrical or sweeping side fringes.

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