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Pick the perfect lipstick for your skin tone

Pick the perfect lipstick for your skin tone

Knowing what colour lip product will suit your skin tone is an ongoing issue for many women.

It’s not an impossible feat though and with time and patience, you’ll soon master picking the perfect shade. A good place to begin is identifying the undertone of your skin, whether it is pink or yellow. While pink is cooler, yellow gives a warmer finish, and this will definitely help you on your journey. One suggested method of finding this out is looking at the veins on the wrist; blues mean pink undertones, while if they appear slightly green you’ll more than likely have warmer, yellow tones. Cool skin tones are also more likely to burn before tanning.

Be wary of a mixture of both or struggling to identify also, which might give you a nice neutral skin tone.

Celebrity make-up artist Georgie Eisdell, who has worked with the likes Alicia Vikander and Gwyneth Paltrow, also has some pointers.

“That’s a tricky question and that’s something I always get asked. Firstly, you want to decide what range you want to work in; if you want a dark lipstick, if you want mid-range colours or if you want nudes. Nudes and reds are the trickiest ones because there are so many shades,” she explained to Cover Media. “Sometimes with reds it’s too blue or it’s too pink or it’s too orange, it makes it really difficult for the consumer...

“Obviously I would always (recommend) trying two or three colours whenever you want something new, particularly with darker colours you have to try them before you buy them. (If it doesn’t suit you) it just sits in your drawer...”

One brand she does recommend for someone looking to rock all colours is Burt’s Bees latest 100 per cent Natural Lipstick line.

As well as featuring naturally nourishing properties, the lipsticks are available in 18 new colours, meaning that there is a perfect hue for everyone.

“The thing I love about the Burt’s (products) is they’ve really nailed the colour... There’s two or three nudes, two reds, and I feel like with this range there is no, ‘You can’t wear that,’” Georgie added. “If you’re the palest of pale you could wear the darkest colour or you could wear the lightest. And that’s what I love about this whole range.”

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