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Petal power manicure

Petal power manicure

Embrace the beauty of spring with a pretty porcelain flower manicure.

White is big news for nails this season, so why not get creative and embrace the concept of petal power. Covering your nails in delicate blossoms may sound a little fiddly, but trust us; it’s totally doable with the right equipment. This is a great look for a special occasion, so if you have a garden party or wedding coming up, give it a try.

Nail Art Technician Alice Marchesi’s manicure was inspired by vintage Chinese porcelain and features tiny branches, flowers and butterflies in pastel colours. She has given us her top tips on recreating this intricate look at home.

“Prepare the nail by applying your favourite base coat and two coats of white,” Alice, who has worked at Milan Fashion Week, told Cover Media. “Always choose the correct base coat for your nail type: not all the nails have the same needs.

“White is a big trend this season. Choose a semi sheer off white to be up-to-date, or go for a chalk white if you love a dramatic effect, especially on darker skin tones.”

If your nails are feeling brittle opt for a strengthening base coat, while a hydrating base is best for nail beds with white streaks.

Alice uses a long striper brush and acrylic paint in medium brown to create the branches. The twig effect should flow through all the nails, so keep that in mind when you start applying the paint.

“My favourite brush for painting branches and lines is a long kolinsky striper,” Alice revealed. “Its natural bristles adhere to the nails perfectly, giving you the control you need to realise perfect design. Acrylic paint is amazing for nail art, because it dries in no time, allowing you to top coat in minutes. What a time saver!”

The next step is to create a series of small dots on each nail. These irregular spots will be the flower buds and can be applied with a small nail art brush and black acrylic paint.

“Now it’s time to draw the flowers,” Alice explained. “Choose your first colour, and put one drop of that close to one drop of white: work with the tiny brush in the middle, and simply dab it to the nail to obtain impressionistic flowers. Repeat this step with a second colour of your choice.

“Nail art is about simplifying. You don’t have to actually paint the flowers; just go the impressionist way and suggest the shape. Keep this trick in mind every time you approach a new design: it’s useful!”

Once you’re happy with your petals, turn your attention to the butterfly design. Alice recommends painting the silhouette in black acrylic first before leaving it to dry.

“Then paint the butterfly wing to give them some colours,” she added. “Add lights and tiny dots of white to create dimension.”

Finally, seal your delicate design with at least one layer of top coat, then sit back and admire your hard work!

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