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Perspex nails

Perspex nails

If the idea of Perspex nails conjures up images of boring, clear nail varnish, think again beauty lovers. One of the biggest trends from the Spring Summer 16 catwalks was plastic-looking talons, which fell perfectly into the Nothing category of the “All or Nothing” trends identified by MAC. Both the make-up and nail art seen on the runways were either full on and over the top or minimal and barely-there, meaning polar opposites jostled for attention in New York, London, Milan and Paris.

Taking her cue from summer footwear, A-list manicurist Marian Newman fully embraced the Nothing theme.

“One of the looks I used a lot, and you’ll see it a lot in the summer sandals, is Perspex, see through,” she told Cover Media. “And I did quite a few shows where it was clear (varnish).

“I use the word considered quite often this season, and again it’s looking more so this season than any other. It’s not lazy to do nothing, not if it’s considered. So with a clear gloss this season it’s not about just putting it on, it’s about putting three coats of gloss on so it’s got that plastic, Perspex look.”

For Simone Rocha’s London show the British designer showed off a range of Perspex shoes, and to complement them Marian went for nails that had a similar plastic vibe. When talking to Simone before the beauty looks were agreed on, Marian suggested that models sport nails that looked almost like they were underwater.

“It was three, sometimes four if you’ve got the patience to wait for it to dry, coats. It’s not just about the clear nail varnish, it’s about the layers,” the expert pointed out.

“Nails this season were everything in degrees and nothing in degrees. And the best nothing of all was three layers of top coat, looking like Perspex, nails underwater, matching a lot of shoes.”

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