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Personalised partings to suit your face shape

Personalised partings to suit your face shape

While some people can rock a middle parting like nobody's business, others just don't find it flattering. The secret lies in going by your face shape and tailoring your look to suit you. If you want a personalised parting, just read on for award-winning hairdresser and Oxford salon owner Anne Veck's advice.

Round Face Shapes:

"Round faces tend to look younger and almost childlike- which can be a blessing and a curse!" Anne explained to Cover Media. "Go for a middle or deep side parting. This elongates the face. Avoid lots of layers with this face shape, and if you do have layers, keep them to a minimum. Short hairstyles work especially well with round faces, giving them a more grownup feel."

Square Face Shapes:

As square faces can look quite severe, the key here is to keep everything soft and gentle.

"Keep your partings soft, slightly off centre, but not too deep," Anne advised. "Celebs such as Olivia Wilde and Keira Knightley take this tip to heart with a slightly off-centre parting, and usually a soft sweeping side fringe."

Heart Face Shapes:

Heart faces benefit from a deep side parting explains Anne, adding it will soften the cheekbones and chin, which can be quite pointed.

"Sweeping the parting over the forehead gently will deflect a wide forehead," she continued.

Oval Face Shapes:

We have some amazing news for anyone with an oval face: you're free to try anything! It's a very versatile shape to work with and looks great with almost any style.

"Oval Faces can wear any parting," Anne smiled. "Middle, side, soft, sharp. They suit all fringes too - lucky ladies!"

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