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Perfume trends

Perfume trends

If fashion has trends and make-up gets revamped every season, then it stands to reason that perfume also sees different smells and ideas become popular. French perfumer Jérôme Di Marino gave us the lowdown on what trends he thinks are currently dominating the world of smell.

“Trends, yes I think there are,” he mused to Cover Media. “As in fashion, as in everything. If we talk about perfume, the lasted trends in perfumery I would talk about is the edible trend.”

Jérôme is the co-creator of Carven’s two new signature scents; carven L'Absolu for women and L’eau Intense for the men.

When it comes to edible smells, Jérôme says the market is bursting with them right now.

“I think the world trend of the last few years is all about baking, cooking, mixologist, chefs on the TV... In France you have a lot of famous bakers with TV shows, and chefs are big celebrities now,” he explained, adding this has transcended into fragrance.

“So in perfumery you also see it, this kind of edible trend is really hitting the market. Like YSL Black Opium with coffee accords. There is a trend and it sticks.”

However, Jérôme admits this isn’t necessarily seen in both men’s and women’s perfumes because of the different notes that work for the opposite sexes.

“It’s more so in women’s though because of the sweet scents don’t stick to the masculine market,” he outlined. “But maybe more on the fruity spectrum of the masculine notes.

“With masculine scents we are coming back to the aromatics and the reassuring very masculine notes. 1 Million (Paco Rabanne) was at the top for a long time, which is very fruity. And now we’re going back to more masculine things like Sauvage (Dior). I think this is the trend on the masculine market.”

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