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Perfectly applied lipstick

Perfectly applied lipstick

Ever look at celebrities on the red carpet and wonder how they got such a perfect pout? It isn't a miracle - it's just careful application. Here we explain how to get the look at home.

Denise Rabor, an international make-up artist and founder of Wow Beauty, is an advocate of prepping lips to kick things off.

"Keep them nourished and moisturised by using a good lip balm," she told Cover Media, suggesting exfoliating the lips first before hydrating. "Lips are skin! Keep them moisturised from the inside by making sure that you keep hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids."

Courtney Tichman, Director of Make-up Artistry for OCC, supports this. She suggests using a natural product, such as OCC's Lip Prep in Clear available via Love Make-up's website, to keep things smooth. Opting for a product that gives a matte finish will also make a great base for what's to come.

Or take a leaf out of Denise's book and use foundation as an alternative. Once that's done, it's onto applying colour, beginning with framing.

"Use a lip pencil ideally in a similar colour to your lipstick, to line and fill in your lips... this creates a perfect colour base," Denise shares.

Courtney recommends using a professional brush with a small top to apply dots of lipstick at a time to make it go further.

"Start applying the colour with small brush strokes in the centre of your lip first, before gradually working your way out," she adds.

Rub your lips together before turning to more coverage so you can blend the shade evenly. Want to give it extra longevity? Denise's tip is to lightly powder your mouth with a translucent product to help the lippy set, before adding a light coat of colour on top.

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