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Perfect ponytail jewellery

Perfect ponytail jewellery

Faux ponytails and hair jewellery may not sound high fashion, but if it’s good enough for Dior then it’s worth a try.

The clothes were stunning as always at the fashion powerhouse’s Paris presentation in January, but our heads were turned by the hairdos. Waist length hair extensions, divided by colourful hoops, was a novel concept and one we are keen to recreate. We’ve spoken to top names in the hair extension industry to get the lowdown on this style.

“Along with the fabulous rain coats and 60’ vinyl boots, it was actually the hair which stood out at Christian Dior Spring 2015 Couture,” Tatiana Karelina, owner of Tatiana Hair Extensions, told Cover Media. “The beautiful structured hair dos consisted of the tight, slicked back buns, using the loops to anchor metal rings and faux ponytails. While it may not be the most practical look to recreate off the runway, we love the idea.”

You’ll need patience if you want to give the couture pony a go, as it’s not the easiest style to get to grips with. Here’s a step by step guide from Amanda Jackson, Principal Educator for Great Lengths in the UK:

1. Hair should by dry and super sleek. Prepare it with a nourishing mask and a frizz-taming serum before blow-drying straight.

2. Section hair into two, along the back of the head from ear to ear.

Take the lower section and, using a brush, pull it up to create a neat, sleek high ponytail. Secure in place with a band.

3. Backcomb the hair under the top section to create a raised crown area. Brush the top section back (smoothing on top), and merge with the high ponytail. Secure with a band.

4. Take the entire ponytail in your hand. Release a small section of hair from your grip. With the rest of the pony, spritz with a strong hold hairspray and comb for a super neat finish. Pull a mental ring over the ponytail then fold the ponytail under to create a neat loop. Secure with a band, close to the main ponytail bands. Tuck the ends under the top section of the ponytail and pin in place (hide the pins as best you can).

5. With the loose piece of hair, wrap it around the pony bands to cover. Pin the ends under the pony to hide.

6. You’ll now have volume at the crown, leading to a high hair loop with a ring hanging from it. Check that no ends are showing and that so far, the look is very clean and neat.

7. Colour-match around five-ten sections of Great Lengths GL Apps tape-in extensions with the natural hair. The hair should be combed and straight.

8. Take each section, one at a time and pull the top through the ring. Fold the top over and tape the hair to itself (just under the ring) to secure in place. Repeat with several pieces to create a full pony that hangs from the ring.

9. When the pony is complete, pull a small piece of hair to one side then wrap around the pony at the top, to cover the tape join. Secure the ends with a pin at the back of the ponytail, hiding as best you can.

10. Refine with a comb and a little serum for a frizz-free finish.

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