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Perfect pastel nails

Perfect pastel nails

Pastel nails are perfectly pretty for spring, but they don’t need to be too girly.

This season any manicure maven will be sporting shades of minty fresh green, baby blue or soft peach. The great news is this trend suits any skin tone, as long as you pick the correct hue – and don’t worry there are plenty of colours to choose from.

“Pastels are always a good choice for spring summer as they are the compromise between the popular natural and nudes with a subtle touch of colour,” Sonia Hully, CEO and Founder of Nailberry, told Cover Media. “I’ve called our new range of pastels shades ‘white pastels’ as they have a real softness to them with the cool colours like the very pale blue Hope or green Minty Fresh; and warm colours like the soft peach Happiness and delicate pink In Love. They look great with a tan, look very romantic and natural on pale skin.”

Sarah Plott, from Nina Ultra Pro which offers a wide range of great colours for this trend, realises pastels look pretty but can be tricky to apply. The nail expert explaimed that amateur streaks should be avoided by applying two thin coats of lacquer.

When it comes to colours, consider your skin tone before you apply. Sarah says fair skins with warm undertones work well with oranges and yellows, while fair skins with cool undertones suit pastel blues and greens. Medium-toned skin looks great with lavender or lime pastels, while peach and rose will complement olive-toned skin.

Finally, if you are looking for something a little different, top nail expert Frankie Rayner Gibbs from Anesis Salon, Spa and Clinic has a quirky take on the trend.

“Pastel colours are perfect for summer and you will find they work well with most outfits due to the softness of them,” Frankie told Cover Media. “A pastel French tip is a good twist on a classic look as it creates the impression of a longer natural nail.”

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