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Perfect party hair

Perfect party hair

The dress is important, the make-up has to be right but everyone knows that a really good hairstyle is the crowning glory of any party look. To get you ready for this time of year, we take you through all the steps to perfect locks.

You might think it's too early to start prepping, but use the run-up to Christmas to eat well. Not only will it make you feel better when you tuck into all those festive treats come December 25th, but it will also help out your hair.

"Protein deficiency can cause slow growing, fine, dull, brittle hair," trichologist Sally-Ann Tarver explained to Cover Media. "It is essential that women get at least 45 grams of complete protein a day. But, only 24 grams of protein can be absorbed in one sitting. Ensure you include some with each meal rather than having one big protein portion in the evening."

Sally-Ann also urges partygoers to get enough vitamins in the run-up to Christmas. Vitamins D and B12 are especially important, as they play a part in keeping hair healthy, so think about stocking up on some supplements if you find your diet lacking.

It's also vital to give your locks a break before you tackle them with styling tools.

"Heat damage from straightening irons is largely caused by pockets of moisture trapped inside the hair-shaft, which rapidly turns to steam," Sally-Ann explained. "The steam can’t escape and tiny holes are blown through the cuticle, a condition known as ‘Bubble Hair Syndrome’. Weak areas form in the hair-shaft, leading to breakage and serious split ends. Unfortunately, the only way to prevent heat damage caused by straightening irons is to not use them, limit their use, use on the lowest heat setting and never ever use them on damp hair."

Now we've covered the pre-party basics, let's get down to the hairstyles you should be rocking for Christmas 2015. Moroccanoil® has some top tips when it comes to 'dos that look fancy without the fuss. Our favourite is the elegant up-do, which looks even better with a strategically placed accessory.

Moroccanoil's guide to the elegant up-do:

·Apply Moroccanoil Treatment to damp hair

·Spray Moroccanoil Heat Styling Protection and blow dry straight and away from the face

·Once dry, create a deep middle part and straighten strands. Gather hair into a sleek, tight, low ponytail and secure at the nape of the neck with a hair tie

·Mist with hairspray for maximum hold and shine

·Twist the ponytail in a clockwise direction and wrap into a tight bun, leaving 2 inches of the ends free and peeking out from the top of the chignon. Fan the exposed edges and set in place with hairspray

·Add a jewelled hair comb or accent accessory to accentuate the look

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