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Pale lips – can you pull it off?

Pale lips – can you pull it off?

It’s a trend that was popular on the catwalks earlier this year, but it takes a brave person to pull off the pale lip trend – especially if you have alabaster skin as well. We run through our top tips on how to pull off this look with aplomb.

The first step is to make sure your lips are ready for the colour. While flaky lips are never a good look, peeling skin is even more noticeable if it’s then covered by a pale shade. The Body Shop’s Lipscuff is a good way to exfoliate the lips, or you can smear on some Vaseline and gently brush with a baby’s toothbrush to buff away any dead skin. Once this is done, slather on some lip balm to make sure your pout is perfect and ready for the next stage. A good option is Prevasore, which has a unique gel formula and uses emollient and moisture preserving ingredients to hydrate the lips.

One easy way to get the pale lip look without any added expense is to use your usual concealer and foundation. Once you’ve buffed away any flaky bits, blend in some concealer to your lips. It’s a good idea to do this on top of a lip balm base and to use your finger to gently blend in. If you rub in, or don’t use lip balm first, it can end up looking caked on. Then take your usual liquid foundation, and add a drop to your pout, blending in as you go. If you’re going for an entirely matte look, you can finish here, using a tissue over the mouth and a dust of translucent powder on top of the tissue to set the look.

It’s always a popular choice to add some shine at this point though, to make the final appearance more appealing as skin can end up looking pallid otherwise. A clear lip gloss is a good option or head to your nearest Bobbi Brown counter to find the perfect shade gloss for your skintone.

To complete your look, it’s important to add some colour to the rest of your face. Whether you opt for blusher or bronzer, sweep over the apples of your cheeks to finish off. And voila, pale perfection!

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