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Pale and interesting: The best foundations for porcelain skin

Pale and interesting: The best foundations for porcelain skin

Bronzed skin might be a trend come summer time but an English Rose complexion is still just as attractive. Getting coverage for pale skin can be difficult though, as even the palest products of traditional make-up ranges are often too dark – leaving unsightly tide marks along jaw and hairlines. Thankfully, beauty companies have started to realise there is a market for foundations specifically tailored for those with pale skin, and now an array of products are available to give you the required coverage with no tell tale tide marks.

Matte matters

The trend for matte skin has been sweeping the catwalks at fashion weeks this year (16). Achieving this look isn’t too difficult either, thanks to L'Oreal Paris’ Infallible Matte Foundation. Available in six shades, Porcelain is the palest and it’s a good choice for getting a matte look for a reasonable price. A little goes a long way with this as well, although the tube design of the packaging means it’s best to apply with a foundation brush or sponge.

Get the glow

Youthful, radiant skin is never going to go out of style, particularly coming into the summer months. And if you’re pale, looking radiant doesn’t necessarily mean overdoing it on the bronzer – you can get a similar look with a foundation with a dewy finish. MUA Skin Define Hydro Foundation in Ivory is a fantastic option as it’s formulated with vitamin E and jojoba, giving skin an injection of moisture and providing a natural finish. Or give Color Studio Professional Invincible Foundation a go. This also contains an energising complex of vitamins C and E which revitalises your skin whilst giving you a good amount of coverage.

Full coverage

If you struggle with blemishes, skin redness or pigmentation, you’re going to want a foundation that offers a good amount of coverage. ReCover’s Correct & Conceal Red has been developed as a result of extensive research and workshops held by the ReCover team. It helps to cover redness and shade 0, Very Light, is the palest option out there. ReCover Cosmetics founder and professional make up artist, Annabel Jardella told Cover Media: “I’ve had many clients who find it difficult to match their very light skin tones to foundations and concealers. This porcelain skin tone can be almost translucent in quality, and facial redness manifests as pinkish shades.

“It has taken months of work in the lab to create a balanced yellow-toned shade that neutralises redness for these alabaster types.”

Or give WUNDER2’s CoverProof foundation a try – a great option if you’re looking for a water-proof and transfer-proof option, with the Fair shade the perfect choice for any English Roses out there.

BB Beautiful

Last year BB creams were the buzz product of the beauty industry. But while the trend may have fallen by the wayside, the cream itself certainly hasn’t. A BB cream is the perfect option if you want light to mid coverage – it’s basically the updated version of a tinted moisturiser.

The Bio-Essence Bio Platinum BB cream has come direct from Singapore and provides light coverage as well as SPF25 protection – a perfect all rounder as we head into the summer months. It also has Platinum in it, which revitalises and brightens the skin with its antioxidant properties.

Another option which won’t break the bank is Maybelline Dream Pure BB cream. This contains salicylic acid so it’s a good choice if you suffer from blemishes as it helps fight the spots while covering them up.

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