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Overhaul your eyebrows for 2016

Overhaul your eyebrows for 2016

2016 is well under way and you've probably already thought about updating your make-up bag for the new season. But what if you want a more dramatic change? The obvious thing to go for is your hair, but that's also the pricey option. Much easier is to consider an eyebrow overhaul because it doesn't have to cost anything and can completely change the way your face looks. We asked Billion Dollar Brows founder Natalie Plain for some tips.

"What we're looking at is celebrities, they're really the ones who dictate fashion and with eyebrows it's following suit," she told Cover Media of current trends. "I mean you've got the brow goddess Cara Delevingne, Emma Watson, we were talking about the Duchess of Cambridge who has recently tried to reinvent her eyebrows - sometimes she falls short, sometimes she hits is correctly. I think what we're seeing (is) we're trying to get away from this 'Scouse brow', which is just this harsh drawn on eyebrow. It is just not favourable; it does not look good on anyone, it does not bring their facial features and cheekbones and eyes into placement."

So the key is going for natural brows which are full yet groomed - clear arches and soft hairs which are brushed upwards.

Although fashion is dictating trends, Natalie warns against following them wholeheartedly. A good example of this is the super-thin pencil brows seen on the J.W. Anderson Autumn/Winter 15 runway. Models had foundation put over their hairs so a thin line could be drawn on in their place, and while the look was striking, Natalie isn't sure it'll catch on.

"I don't see that coming back at all because the fact is any model at this point who would actually thin out her brows just for the runway look for any given designer is absolutely nuts," she insisted. "For women, especially between the middle of their eyebrows, the gap, it sends everything out of whack. So for these designers to mock up a thin brow - nobody's willing to go there. It's ageing, it's not healthy, it's not fresh and honestly no. My answer is no! It's not coming back. And I dare any designer to try to remove a model's eyebrows for the sake of runway. Urgh!"

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