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Oscars hair forecast

Oscars hair forecast

Will it be up, will it be down? Wavy or straight? These are the debates celebrities go through while wondering what to do with their hair ahead of a big awards ceremony like the Oscars, taking place on February 28. Here, we run through the most popular choices that we are likely to see on stars for the ceremony – and how to achieve the look at home.

Old Hollywood

From chignons to buns, there are numerous variations on the Old Hollywood style.

“This look is widely regarded as the most decadent and beautiful of all red carpet hairstyles and captures the romance of the whole event,” Kala Kilshaw-Laing, Co Founder & Director of Ego Professional, told Cover Media. “It isn’t going anywhere and rightly so, yet this look can so often be reworked and re dressed to give it another point of view. This look can be achieved in 6-15 minutes with of Ego Professional's ego BOOST heated rollers for substance and control.”

Get the look with these rollers, which cost £139.99 and are available from select Boots and Selfridges stores.

Messy updo

Artfully styled updos are here to stay, but recent years have also seen an increase in the popularity of a messy ‘do. Often teamed with flushed cheeks, the look gives the effect of the celebrity just having rolled out of bed.

“Messy updos are definitely a thing this season as they look so effortless, yet chic,” Denis Kovalyov, Director of Bespoke Haircare Ltd told Cover Media. Think of stars like Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway, who are most likely to sport such a look.

To get this look at home, you need to start by getting some volume in the hair. Try the Revlon Perfectionist 2-in-One Dryer to blow dry your locks, before backcombing slightly with a brush such as the Babyliss Teasing Back Comb Brush. Choose the style you want, such as a high ponytail or messy bun, and pin it up, pulling some tendrils out for added effect.

Short hair, don’t care!

While a lot of celebrities rely on extensions to achieve lustrous, long locks, many others opt to keep things natural and have a short style. But that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve a red carpet look. A ‘lob’ – a long bob – has proved incredibly popular in recent months, and don’t think the length rules an updo out, as Denis told Cover Media.

“Updos for short hair always seem like the most challenging; definitely more so than for updos for shoulder length and medium hair which is only slightly longer," he said. “But Diane Kruger and Jessica Alba have been proving that a bob is anything but limiting when it comes to updos, sweeping and curling their hair back into a variety of chic updo styles.”

Working the waves

Whether it’s tight ringlets or a loose wave, it’s a sure thing that the Oscars red carpet will see a variety of curly girls strutting their stuff. If you’re looking for a more casual curl, try the BaByliss Pro Perfect Curl. An innovation in the hair industry, this styler draws hair into a ceramic curl chamber where it is then held and heated from all directions, achieving a perfect curl.

For a cheaper, but just as effective option, go for the Vidal Sassoon Easy Wrap Wand. Shaped more like a traditional curling tong, this allows you to adjust the tightness of the curl by how tight you pull it.

Sexy and straight

Super sleek and straight hair is still a popular choice, with Jennifer Lopez often sporting the look. Toni & Guy have Limited Edition Fluid Metal straighteners, which could be used to achieve a similar look at home.

Slicking down the hair after straightening gives it a modern edge – go for a serum or oil and then finish off with a glossing spray, like ghd’s Final Shine Spray.

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