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On-trend hairstyles for the older ladies

On-trend hairstyles for the older ladies

With age comes change, and as a woman you may find yourself struggling to keep your hair up to date and in good condition. Sound familiar? Luckily we have some experts on hand to lend their tips on how you can keep your locks looking and feeling fabulous.

Senior stylist Michaela Galvin of Jo Hansford begins by telling us how our hair changes as we get older.

"Hair can tend to become finer and more coarse as you age," she explained. "Try using a volumising shampoo and conditioner and weekly intensive masque treatments to keep you hair healthy and shiny."

Award-winning hairdresser Lee Stafford also notes that hair loses its moisture, and suggests using a hydrating treatment once a week between shampooing and conditioning.

So what styles are best for when your locks start to change? Due to them thinning, Lee recommends getting the chop.

"It is important to make sure you have a great cut that disguises this, which often means cutting your hair shorter," he said of fine hair. "I’m absolutely loving the ‘lob’ (long bob) at the moment, as seen on Salma Hayek. Not only is this a really flattering cut to opt for when deciding to go shorter but it’s also bang on trend this year!"

Salma isn't the only A-list name which Lee has taken inspiration from when it comes to edgy dos as women get older. Julianne Moore's side-parting is also a hit with the hair expert, as he explains it's sexy yet wearable for all occasions, and gives the illusion of thicker locks.

Michaela advocates for a sharp, short do as well for a youthful and fresh appearance for the older generation, citing Dame Judi Dench as her muse.

"Short pixie crops with a soft finish at the hairline are a great option or an on trend graduated bob, perhaps with a soft, light fringe," Michaela added.

Those wanting to keep their hair long, think twice! Michaela absolutely swears against it, adding: "Avoid over blow-dried, bouffant, Mumsie styles and long hair is an absolute no."

What shade you opt for also makes a big impact, however this is an area in which both stylists suggest different choices. Michaela recommends avoiding dark tones which are harsh against the skin, as they may bring out wrinkles and your age more. But Lee feels deeper shades will give a healthier finish.

"If you want to maximise shine for ultimate glossy hair, I would also suggest opting for a darker colour as we all know darker colours reflect light better," he recommends. "If you’re unsure to begin with, start with a semi-permanent wash!"

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