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Ole Henriksen: Vitamin C is king

Ole Henriksen: Vitamin C is king

Ole Henriksen can't believe some people don't you use vitamin C in their skincare regime.

The Danish skin expert is known the world over thanks to his namesake brand. As well as being the skincare of choice for us normal folk, stars like Ellen DeGeneres, Kylie Minogue and Charlize Theron also flock to Ole for their skin needs.

Talking exclusively to Cover Media, Ole spoke about his hero ingredient.

"Vitamin C is the king or queen of antioxidants, and I put it in tons of my products," Ole beamed. "It's proven that vitamin C can reduce the depth of wrinkles, neutralise free radical damage so free radicals will not destroy the skin from the UV spectrum."

Even if your skin isn't old enough to be using anti-ageing products, incorporate vitamin C into your routine. Another tip for younger skin is to get acquainted with an exfoliator.

"I would say that even self preservation using gentle exfoliation is key when you're young because if there's excess sebum and oil in the skin that gets dissolved as well," he noted.

"One thing I emphasise as a formulator is always the continued healthy exfoliation."

As well as products packed full of skin boosting vitamin C, another important aspect for Ole is the smell and feel of his offerings. From his best selling Truth Serum, to the new Empower range, buyers know they'll be getting only the best from Ole's brand.

"What I always emphasise is beautiful aromas, beautiful textures because I want it to be an indulgent treat when you stand in the bathroom morning and night," he smiled.

"Close your eyes, take a deep breath because it doesn't take any longer to do it right versus doing it wrong!"

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