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Ole Henriksen mission to empower

Ole Henriksen mission to empower

Ole Henriksen wants to empower young women with his range.

The Danish skincare guru is on speed dial for a whole host of A-listers, including Charlize Theron and Eva Mendes. Ole also targets younger women with his products, especially his Empower range. Made up of a foaming cleansing milk and hand creme, ingredients like Arctic Cloudberries, Willowbark and Nordic Cotton Extract have been combined to help preserve skin’s moisture and deliver powerful anti-oxidants maintain a youthful complexion.

“This is really for that young woman, who is busy going about enjoying life to the fullest, career wise she is on the right track,” he smiled to Cover Media. “She really feels she has it all; that’s why I called it Empower. The name Empower empowers you to do even better, in this case for your skin.”

Ole wants to drive the message home that prevention is better than cure, and looking after your skin when you’re younger will mean reaping the benefits as you age.

However he’s kept it simple, with the foaming milk acting as both a cleanser and face wash in one.

“What often happens when you're that young, you take your skin for granted and suddenly you look in the mirror and you may notice that skin is a little bit dry, there may be an uneven skin tone and you find expression lines that have surfaced,” he explained. “And you say, I want to take action here but I want to keep it simple, and I want things that address both the hyperpigmentation and hydration level and strengthens my skin.”

He adds with a smile that the cleanser glides on like silk, and will cover your basic needs.

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