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Nude nails

Nude nails

You can’t go wrong with a chic nude manicure this season.

While we love bright pops of colour, sometimes it’s nice to keep nails neutral – especially if you’re wearing a busy outfit. This is an elegant look for any occasion and it’s also easy to do yourself. Nailberry founder Sonia Hully, who is currently working on Les Beige Spirituels collection of breathable nail polishes, has shared her thoughts on how to work this trend.

“Like reds, nude are classics. A nude manicure always looks natural, clean and fresh and is very easy to match with any outfit,” she told Cover Media. “Bare nails do seem to complement many garments, especially bold, bright ones. Our three beiges from Les Spirituels collection, Au Naturel, Honesty and Simplicity are really the perfect beige for an understated and modern look. My favourite is Almond, a very light beige which gives this very fashionable ‘nearly white look’ and looks great with a tan!”

Before you start applying a neutral varnish make sure your nails are sparkling clean. Grab some nail polish remover and thoroughly wipe each nail, even if you haven’t been wearing lacquer.

“You need to make sure your nail has no trace of oil before applying the base coat,” Sonia explained. “Your manicure will last longer.”

Applying a base coat will also give longevity to your manicure. Nail expert Sonia believes choosing the right one will improve the finished look.

“I would always recommend a base coat with a white tint to it, so the colour of the lacquer stands out when applied,” she said. “Also you now have some base coats which strengthen so you kill two birds with one stone. Nailberry’s Strengthen and Breathe base coat has it all.”

Nude manicures don’t need to be boring, so to avoid dull nails simply select the right hue for you.

“When picking a nude shade you need to make sure you don't pick a tone too close to your skin colour or it will look too bland,” Sonia revealed. “A little bit of contrast always works better than not at all.”

Finally, Sonia recommends choosing a matt over a gloss top coat if you want a more “modern” and on-trend finish.

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