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Non-surgical ageing solutions

Non-surgical ageing solutions

Ever wondered what a non-surgical face lift really involves?

As we reach a certain age, a youthful appearance creeps up higher on our beauty wish list. However, not everyone has the money or inclination to go under the surgeon’s knife. This week, experts offer other options for those who want a less invasive solution to ageing.

“Non-surgical face lifts really refer to two types of treatments,” Dr Toni, Clinical Director at DestinationSkin, told Cover Media. “The first being the use of a program of botulinum toxin and dermal fillers (which includes sculptra) to replace lost volume and manipulate muscle activity. These treatments work on the pillars of the face to keep it lifted and the skin toned. This treatment is ideally suited to women or men aged 30-45 with early volume loss and tissue laxity.”

Dr Toni advises that “maintenance” work will be required every six months, but promises the results are long lasting – around two to three years.

The second treatment she recommends is thread lifts which use suture type 'threads' to mechanically lift and anchor the facial tissues.

“This is suitable for women or men 40 plus who are already showing signs of tissue laxity, formation of jowls and loose neck skin,” he explained. “This is particularly useful as an adjunct to toxins/fillers in clients aged 45-60 to give extra lift and support to ageing skin. I would recommend a review of treatment every 18 months.”

The expert believes both these options will be effective if the patient is willing to follow her simple maintenance guidelines.

Dr Roger Amar has been using the FAMI technique for over 14 years, claiming it leads to successful rejuvenation. This process places both fat and adult stem cells into the vascular bed of the facial muscles. Dr Amar insists his technique leaves clients looking like a younger version of themselves, unlike some surgical face lifts which drastically alter your appearance.

“The FAMI technique, as an innovative approach, helps to restore some of the underlying defects that are responsible for the ageing look,” he explained to Cover Media. “It rejuvenates the face by implanting the patient’s own adult adipose stem cells in contact with a most vascularised tissue, the muscle; thus, restructuring the facial skeleton and muscular structure to a more youthful condition.”

Dr Amar maintains that after performing thousands of procedures, less than a dozen patients have requested a touch up or repeat.

There are plenty of options out there if surgery isn’t for you. These are just a few of the treatments available, so it’s worth doing some research before you make a decision.

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