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No shaving cream? No problem

No shaving cream? No problem

Running out of shaving cream is an annoyance that is surprisingly easy to remedy. Rather than choosing the precarious (and hazardous) method of dry shaving we've discovered some much easier alternatives. Amazingly, with the help of just a few household items, you can keep your pesky regrowth in check.

Hair conditioner nourishes your locks, so rest assured it will do exactly the same for your skin. If you have a cheap bottle of conditioner languishing in the bathroom cabinet, we don't suggest using your most expensive bottle, it's perfect as a substitute to shaving cream.

Baby oil is another moisturising option which will prevent your razor from nicking at your skin. As it's a clear liquid, ensure you distribute it all over for smooth shaving, then give your legs and the shower a good rinse afterwards to avoid any chance of a dangerous slip up.

If you want something a little more visible, try a body lotion. The runnier it is the better, so you can spread it evenly. As the hot water from the shower opens your pores, it will help you get a beautifully silky finish as the product sinks into your skin.

The kitchen cupboard can also provide much-needed assistance should you be in need of an emergency fix. Coconut oil isn't just great for cooking with, as it's fast becoming a must-have product for both the kitchen and bathroom cupboard. It's extremely moisturising and is a godsend when it comes to razor burns thanks to its in-built antibacterial properties.

Another surprising shaving foam substitute is raw honey. Heating the honey slightly makes it more manageable and it washes off easily with warm water too, with very little mess.

If you're out of all of the above and at a complete loss, there is one final resort - peanut butter. Yep, you read it right - peanut butter.

If you're ready to try this at home, make sure it's the smooth version.

So rather than slathering it on toast, rub an extremely thin layer onto your legs when you're in the shower. Thanks to its high oil content it makes for a really hydrating shaving product, but bear in mind it will require a lot of rinsing after!

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