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Nifty curling tricks

Nifty curling tricks

Those who rely on their curling iron, listen up - you don't have to damage your hair with heat to get perfect curls. There's plenty of ways to create gorgeous ringlets without the sizzle, as we take you through here.


You need an elasticised headband for this, or a long piece of material that will wrap around your hair and fasten. Simply twist your hair around the head band, with tighter curls created with smaller sections of hair. Give it a few hours and you should be left with bouncy curls that beat any tongs. Note: This is obviously a tip for those who have long enough locks - don't try and force short tresses around the material!

Pin it up

Get plenty of bobby pins for this method. Divide your hair into sections, roll them up and pin them to your scalp securely. You should look as though you have lots of mini bagels on your head (yum), then leave for a while so the hair moulds into curls. This is a great option for pin-up style ringlets straight out of a burlesque bar!

Spray and scrunch

Dampen your hair ever so slightly with water, we suggest using a spray bottle, then scrunch with your fist to give it volume and curls. Those with naturally wavy tresses will reap the benefits of this method, while those who need a bit of help can always add a touch of a curling styling product to help get things into shape.


Next time you have a party, don't pop the balloons when they get smaller - use them to your advantage! Again, you need length for this one. Tie your hair into a high ponytail and dampen the ends, before sectioning. Spritz a section with more water then take the balloons (the size of a small apple is ideal) and wrap the strands around it, pinning the end of the hair to the tie of the balloon as well as to your head. Continue until you're covered, then leave and unpin later for loose, glamorous curls!

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