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New ways to youthful skin

New ways to youthful skin

While 'anti-ageing' might be viewed as a dirty term by many, it's a fact that many of us lust after the sort of fresh-faced look we sported as teenagers. We don't all want to go under the knife though, so what is to be done?

Well, quite a lot as it turns out. For those who are prepared to really experiment there is a new technique called Ultherapy which uses a high frequency ultrasound device to target the deep layers of skin previously only accessible by surgery.

"This wouldn’t suit patients that are heavily sun damaged and smoke 20 a day since they were a teen! I would recommend it for patients that don’t want to have surgery but still want to look fresh and have youthful skin," Lee Garrett, one of the UK's leading skin guru based on Harley Street, told Cover Media.

"Its accuracy is revolutionary, as a non-invasive treatment that can take an accurate reading of the area to be treated. What also makes it unique is that it can be used to lift the neck, chin, brow and improve lines and wrinkles on the décolletage. As the latest innovation of skin tightening, Ultherapy can offer a pain-free non surgical facelift with zero downtime."

The treatment is so speedy you can have it done when you're on a lunch break - albeit an extended one - plus the results should last for around two years.

For some even this might be a step too far though, in which case what about something which you can do at home? The best product if this idea fits the bill is a retinol, which comes in cream or oil form. It's basically a posh name for vitamin A, one of a range of ingredients which has the ability to 'talk' to skin cells and get them behaving as they would have done before they experienced any damage. We're talking about sun damage, loss of collagen or discolouration. Imagine your cells as a round shape which are then stretched by damage; retinol barrels into them and forces them to become round again.

Put your retinol on at night, after toning but before any serum/moisturiser and be prepared for skin which looks smooth and healthier. To turbo-charge the outcome swap your usual toner for an exfoliating one with AHAs or BHAs (types of acid that exfoliate the skin) in it - this combination has been scientifically proven to have dramatic results, but you must always use an SPF before going outside the following day. It's also worth noting you shouldn't use a retinol product every night, three times a week is more than enough. Some people get flaking or red skin too, so go easy to start with and then work your way up - once a week to begin things, rising as time goes on.

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