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New ways to curl your hair

New ways to curl your hair

Forget a bog-standard curling tong or some Velcro rollers, there are now a host of new, inventive ways you can curl your locks.

We asked some of the U.K.’s top hair experts for their tips on how to tease your tresses most effectively.

When it comes to which tools to use, straighteners are becoming more popular than curling wands these days – due to their versatility. But if you struggle to get any waves into your hair using a straightener, Michelle Paterson, hair manager at Pouts & Pinups, has some suggestions.

“Straighteners are just as easy to use to curl hair and can be used to create big curls, loose waves and flat waves,” she told Cover Media. “Always bear in mind that the smaller the section of hair you take, the curlier your hair will be.”

Karen Brown, owner of Hair by JFK, is a fan of curling without using heat-styling tools and cites “soft rollers, pins and sock buns” as her favourite ways of adding some movement into the hair. In terms of which products to use, Karen explained: “One of my top products is the Schwarzkopf got2b Kinkier Curling Mousse, which can be used in towel-dried hair and scrunched to create gorgeous curls. For extra bounce, after applying this product to damp hair, blow-dry your hair upside down with a diffuser and scrunch.”

And Dean Jones, owner of Dean Jones Hairdressing, agrees.

“One of my favourite ways to curl hair is allowing your hair to dry naturally with a bit of a helping hand from some products,” he smiled. “When your hair is clean and damp, spread some oil or curling fluid through the ends and twist all your hair into a spiral before wrapping it into a bun and securing loosely with a hair tie. Leave this for an hour or two, the longer the better, and when you untie your hair it will have a natural curl through the mid lengths and ends. Relaxed, undone hair is so popular now and this is a great way to achieve that whilst giving your hair a break from heated styling tools – win win!”

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