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Nails have gone mega

Nails have gone mega

Lovers of a sleek French manicure look away now; this season is all about chucking everything you have on to your nails.

MAC nail genius Marian Newman is behind some of the catwalk’s biggest nail looks and has worked with everyone from Vivienne Westwood to Simone Rocha. When it came to the nail looks for Summer 16, Marian created pared back looks as well as over the top opulence, and the look still holds up as we move into fall. One of her favourite concepts was adding anything and everything she could get her hands on to the surface of models’ nails.

“Some shows I chucked everything I could possibly chuck on a nail, everything,” she grinned to Cover Media. “Rummaging around for embellishments and just taking bags and bags of embellishments and finding out how I can put them on nails without falling off.”

Nail adornments aren’t a new trend, but having such embellished nails can be frightening. For those of you who are wary, Marian suggest going OTT with more conventional products.

“For real people it could be a few layers of glitter. Or it could be a super, super dark shiny tone,” she advised.

“Nails are so personal, you’re looking at them, you don’t have to look in the mirror to see what they look like. They’re in front of your face all the time and you have to love it.”

For those who do want to take the plunge, here are a few ideas to get you started.

To celebrate the Rio Olympics Elegant Touch has brought out the limited edition Rio-inspired press on nails. One design, called Pineapple Party, is full of pineapples in a broken tile print, while the others are blue and white striped with palm trees.

Beauty Boulevard’s newly launched Stardust is glitter that can be used on the face, hair or nails. Add a little sparkle to your hands with this shimmering kit.

If you’re shopping online, anything from gold studs to pretty pink flowers can be found for nails. Secure with nail glue and clear varnish for a wow effect.

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