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Nail the marine trend

Nail the marine trend

If you’re dreaming of a beach holiday this summer, prep your nails with the marine manicure.

Who doesn’t love the thought of dipping a toe into the warm sea? So why not emulate the depths of the ocean with the hottest high-fashion look this season. To nail this trend, the varnish must be super glossy and you’ll need a couple of different shades. Be warned, clear some time in your diary before you attempt this look as it takes time to apply the several different coats of polish.

Jazz Smedley, brand manager for All That Jazz, a premium nail lacquer and manicure brand, has shared her secrets on how to perfect the multi-layered effect.

“The dark dive nail trend is inspired by the gorgeous deep turquoise and green shades that can be seen in the depths of the ocean,” she told Cover Media. “To create this look, it is essential to mix a few different colours to create a deep ocean effect on the nail. All That Jazz has a great selection of colours that can translate the deep blues and greens that are commonly found in the marine environment making it easy to recreate this look.”

Here are Jazz’s step-by-step instructions on recreating the marine life look:

1. Start by painting nails with one coat of white polish (try All That Jazz Ice, Ice Baby).

2. Then, using the make-up sponge, dab a dark blue (such as All That Jazz’s Rhythm Of The Night) around the centre of the nail, in a rough doughnut shape.

3. Dab a dark grey (like All That Jazz Rock ’N Roll Rebel), a black glitzy polish (try All That Jazz Sofie’s - I Own The Runway) and a medium grey (Waltz Into The Night) very sparsely over the dark blue shade to create a deep layering effect.

4. Continue layering these colours on top of each other until you get a full effect.

5. Using a black shade (such as Welcome To After Hours) create a dark frame around the colours.

6. Then finish with a top coat like Top Note.

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