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Moulin Rouge beauty secrets: Tips for great skin

Moulin Rouge beauty secrets: Tips for great skin

As the new “meneuse de revue” at Le Moulin Rouge in Paris, Caroline Raynal is praised for her beauty as well as her dancing skills. She wears a lot of make-up on stage, which means her skin needs a good wash to stay healthy and glowing.

“When you wear a lot of make-up as we do on stage, you do have to take care of your skin on a daily basis," she explained to Cover Media. “You need to ensure you remove make-up properly.”

To be certain her face is perfectly clean, she follows a three-step routine to healthy skin. First, she removes the make-up.

“I have quite dry skin, so I need to make sure it’s very well moisturised. To remove the make-up, I use a cleansing oil in the evening," she revealed.

Oil is the it-product of all beauty queens, but it’s much more than that: “Oil is the best way to take off make-up”, she added.

As the make-up used on stage is very heavy, she needs more than just the oil.

“Then I wash my face as usual," she said of step number two.

You can use a micellar water; it cleans your face deeply but not aggressively.

The skin on your face is thin and can become sensitive if you wash it too often, but Caroline has a way of combating that: step three.

“After (washing my face), I use a Clarins moisturiser," she shared.

"In the daytime, if I don’t have to put on make-up, I just leave my skin free to breathe."

This is not the only secret Caroline can share. As a dancer, she has to keep her feet in perfect shape, which requires regular pedicures.

“And also, my husband gives me lots of massages! That’s the secret!” she laughed.

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