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Monochromatic is a must

Monochromatic is a must

Follow in the footsteps of Hollywood A-listers and keep your look neutral – from head to toe.

Last month’s Oscars red carpet was less dramatic than in previous years, with many stars preferring subtly elegant looks. One theme that stood out was monochromatic, as our favourite actresses worked golden locks, nude gowns and sun kissed complexions. While using similar tones may sound boring, it was anything but.

“Understated colours led to classic glamour at the Oscars 2015,” hair stylist Ken Picton and make-up artist Lara Champion told Cover Media. “Jennifer Aniston proudly showed off a monochromatic look, keeping all tones consistent in pearly nudes, champagnes and soft golds across her hair, make-up and styling.”

This trend sounds simple to recreate as you are working with the same colour palette all over, but there are still a few rules to follow. Your hair colour and skin tone must complement the hues you choose so you appear radiant rather than washed out.

“This look only works if you stay within a shade or two of the same undertones, slightly lighter and slightly darker. The tones in Jennifer’s hair and skin are warm and golden which gives a soft harmonious look, however the dress on a paler complexion would be too much of a contrast, giving a drained look,” Ken explained. “These rules apply to both hair and make-up, your skin tone is incredibly important and should be the starting point for the look, then keep your shades to the same colour family for a flattering finish.”

Jennifer wasn’t the only star to try this trend at the Academy Awards. A host of other famous faces also made a real style statement with their subtlety.

“Jennifer Lopez, Julianne Moore, Zoe Saldana and so many others had beautifully defined eyes and neutral colours on lips combined with styling revolved around elegant nudes,” make-up artist Carleen Gordon told Cover Media. “I thought it was absolute gorgeousness!”

J-Lo took the look a little further than Friends favourite Jennifer. While her gown was also nude, she added a pop of colour with coral eyeshadow and an on-trend glossy pastel pout.

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