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Moisturise your feet this sandal season

Moisturise your feet this sandal season

There’s little point in spending time and money on painting your toenails if your otherwise pretty feet are covered with unsightly patches of dry skin.

If you’re suffering from large patches of dry skin, then it may well be worth investing in a tool with the sole purpose of getting rid of these.

Dave Wain, Podiatrist at Carnation Footcare, told Cover Media: “Research reports that callouses, corns, dry skin and heel skin fissures are less hydrated and less elastic than unaffected normal skin, so moisturising the skin daily restores hydration and elasticity reducing the build-up of skin conditions. I’d suggest then gently reducing hard skin before it develops into cracked and painful areas by using Carnation’s Silky Feet Hard Skin Remover. If the hard skin becomes painful then consult with your doctor or podiatrist.”

He also noted that loose-fitting flip-flops favoured by many of us during the summer months do not provide substantial support for the feet, leading to “cracked heels, hardened skin and sore spots”.

Urtekram Organic Aloe Vera Foot Cream is another fantastic product to try if you want to keep your feet silky smooth this summer. The cream, which is Ecocert COSMOS Organic-certified, is designed to maintain healthy feet and soften dry skin and cracked heels by utilising ingredients such as shea butter to nourish and hyaluronic acid and diglycerin to ease cracked and dry skin.

Glycerin is an important ingredient for dry skin products, with O'Keeffe's for Healthy Feet Foot Cream top of the list when it comes to products with high glycerin content. The reason glycerin works so well in healing dry skin is because it draws in and retains the moisture that is essential for healthy feeling and hydrated skin.

If you want to go all out and give yourself a pedicure – a good call if you have a big event or holiday coming up – then VOESH Pedi in a Box Deluxe 4 Step is a great option. The set includes Sea Salt Soak, Sugar Scrub, Mud Masque, and Massage Cream, and is enriched with key ingredients to give your feet a nourishing treat.

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