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Mitochondrial decay and ageing

Mitochondrial decay and ageing

Scientists are claiming mitochondrial decay is the main underlying cause of ageing, but what does this mean for our skin?

Oxidants generated by mitochondria function are a major source of decline within the life cells of humans. Oxidative damage is a significant contributor to cellular ageing, and the process is being accelerated by factors such as pollutants and synthetic chemicals. This causes normal free radicals to become ‘super charged’ and increases cell decay. John Hamilton, cosmetology dermatologist and founder of Natural Elements Skincare, believes we should be aware of the role mitochondrial decay has in the battle against ageing.

“Mitochondrial decay is a process that leads to cellular decline and is now regarded by many scientists as the main underlying cause of ageing,” the skincare expert told Cover Media.

“It has long been established by investigative scientists such as Dr Daz that this decay is also a contributing factor to many of today’s health issues from cancers to dementia as well as premature ageing.

“Oxidative damage is caused by everyday living but is now also seen as being accelerated by contributing factors, which cause the normal free radicals to become super charged, impacting much more in the process of cell decay.”

John says people must protect themselves from harmful factors such as exposure to the sun and chemicals. He claims natural oils can hugely benefit our bodies and help to reduce signs of ageing.

“Antioxidants have long been seen as an important part of reducing oxidative stress. However, there have been significant studies to show that they can contribute much more in the reduction of cell damage than first thought,” he explained. “In the case of skin, such pure forms of super antioxidants can been seen to reduce the ageing process and indeed protect from damaging UV (skin cancer) so much so that they are now recommended by dermatology scientists as the most important factor in this equation.

“Natural oils from certain sources are the purest form of antioxidants available, making them a real fighting force to protect against premature ageing, while neutralising the photon super free radical of UVA.”

John adds that oils also strengthen the surface film of the skin, providing a barrier to pollutants while keeping the skin supple. Referring to natural oils as “miracle protectors”, the expert claims they can balance and rejuvenate skin and deliver essential vitamins and minerals to the body. John champions the use of lavender, geranium, patchouli and grapeseed oils, which feature in his Natural Elements skincare products (

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