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Mistakes that make your eyes smaller

Mistakes that make your eyes smaller

Are you a big fan of eye make-up? If you're someone who prefers to give attention to your peepers rather than your lips then be careful, as you could be making your eyes look smaller than they are.

Eyeliner plays a big part in this; while applying black or dark colours to your waterline may help your eyes stand out, it also makes it seem as though you're squinting. Stick to lining your lids and applying nude or light colours below to add a brighter look.

You need to be wary of how you apply eyeliner to your lid though, as if you go too thick it will make your eyes look heavy and narrow. The same goes for drawing a wing which is too long. Test out different styles or if in doubt, start drawing on your eyelid from halfway outwards and stop at the corner to keep things simple.

Mascara should be applied properly to get the perfect balance. For those who rely on mascara to add length and bulk to their lashes, don't go OTT. Invest in serum to help them grow, curl them properly to help evenly disperse and get yourself a lengthening option to reap the benefits.

Likewise, too many false lashes will weigh your lids down, resulting in your eyes looking tired (and almost hidden). Those who can't get enough of falsies should pick up a pair that are light and not too close together - this will allow people to look at you properly!

The area around your eyes shouldn't be ignored either. After a busy week you may have the dreaded bags or dark circles under your eyes, which immediately take away depth. Under-eye cream and concealer are the go-to products here, with the second best for a quick fix. The brighter and clearer your skin is, the bigger your eyes will appear.

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