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Mismatch hair and brows

Mismatch hair and brows

Contrasting hair and brows have been around for decades, but it’s a trend that never goes out of fashion.

Everyone from Farrah Fawcett in the 70s, to Madonna in the 80s and modern muse Cara Delevingne has sported mismatched hues. As the look continues to prove popular it’s one worth considering if you want to want to make a style statement. Traditionally it works best with blonde hair and dark eyebrows, but that’s not to say brunettes or ombré ladies can’t have a go too. Dyeing your brows will make your eye colour pop, frame your face and stop you looking washed out.

Since Cara made them big news again, the fascination for standout brows is fiercer than ever. The British model has softened her appearance by keeping her brows dark and her locks a light brown. But don’t worry if yours aren’t big, bold and bushy – you can still stay on trend by sporting eyebrows just a few shades darker than your hair. Think of actress Michelle Williams, who has made this concept work for her with thin, dark eyebrows and a soft white blonde mane.

The choice is yours, you can wholeheartedly embrace the trend like Kim Kardashian and rock dyed platinum locks with dark brows – one option for any brave brunettes out there. This look is edgy and eye-catching though, so you’ll need the confidence to work those contrasting colours.

If you want to experiment without going too crazy try making your brows just a few shades darker than your locks. Then if you are happy and fancy taking it a step further you can.

We advise giving the trend a go first by applying a darker brow pencil or tinted brow gel, so you can get an idea of what hue will suit you best.

Before you do dive into any dye job consider your hair shade, skin tone, eye colour and eyebrow shape – the colour must complement your whole appearance.

Eyebrow mousses work a treat for this look and are easy to apply at home, but if you want something more permanent consider getting a professional eyebrow tint.

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